How to resize photos for email attachments

When sending emails it is better for you and the recipient/s to send and receive images that have been resized.

If you try and send a large image it can take a long time for the email to send and when the recipients receive the email it can take a long time for them to download. Not to mention that some email providers have limits on the size of the attachments that you can send and receive.

In order to get around this you need to either make the image smaller in terms of its resolution or lower the quality of the image. I will go through both ways of reducing the size of an image.

Change image resolution:

A digital photo or image is made up of pixels. The more pixels there are the larger the image file will be. One of the methods in reducing the file size of an image is to reduce the number of pixels that it has.

A word of caution with this method. If you make the image too small the recipient will not be able to see anything on the image. The best thing to do is to play around with the setting until you find the sweet spot.

I would recommend that a good image resolution would be in the region of 1024x768 or 1280x800, something along those lines. This will allow the image to be large enough for the recipient to see everything in the image. Once again, you will need to play around with the image resizer settings to find the best compromise.

  • puts steps here as to how the person can use image resizer online to do this

Change the quality of the image:

The alternative to reducing an image or photos file size is to lower the quality of the image or photo. This works extremely well. Depending on the quality setting that you will use, it is possible to still have the full size image looking like it has lost no quality.

This method is similar to the resizing the image by pixels when it comes to loss of quality, but not in the same way. When you reduce the quality of an image it will keep the original dimensions or pixels but it can make it very blurry. So as with resizing your image by pixels, you will need to test what works best for your photo.

I would generally suggest a quality setting of 60. At this setting there will be a difference but it will not be extremely noticable in most images. Some photos do not show up too well with this quality setting though so you will need to play around with it. But it is a good starting point.

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How to resize me images online?

One of the easiest ways to resize your image online is to use one of the online image resizers that are available.

Since this is the blog I am going to suggest using our online image resizer. With you will be able to resize your images by changing the resolution, the quality(depending on format) of the image or both. is also very fast with resizing images and it is completely free to use.

How to resize your image with

When using our online image resizing tool you can resize your photos resolution by specifying how wide or high you want the image to be in pixels, or you can specify a percentage of your current image.

Before we resize the image we need to add the image to To do this you can drag your image over the file icon on the tool or you can click on the file icon and then select the image that you want.

Once you have done that your browser will automatically scroll down and you will see three columns. Resize, Rotate and Ouput.

We will be using the Resize column in this tutorial.

In the Resize column you should see width and height text fields. These two allow you to set your width or height or both. If you just set the width the tool will still keep the same aspect ratio. This means that the height will be changed too and your image will not be stretched. The same applies if you just set a height value, the tool will keep the aspect ratio by calculating what the width needs to be.

Ok lets get to an example. Resizing using the width:

Image Resizer Online resize using pixels

After we have set that, all we need to do is to click the big green “resize” button right at the bottom. If you cannot see the button, just scroll to the end of the website and you should be able to see it.

When you click that button it will resize the image and it will automatically save it to your downloads folder. It is as easy as that!

How to change the quality of your image using

To change the quality of the image is a similar process to the resolution. With the resolution we looked at using the “Resize” column. When changing the quality we will be using the “Output” column.

At the bottom of the output column you will see the Quality input. By default it is a quality setting of 80. For this tutorial we will set that to 60.

Image Resizer Online resize using percentage

Now we click on the resize button like we did when resized using the width setting. The image will be downloaded to your downloads folder the same as it is using the width setting.


Using is extremely easy and fast. If you want you can also rotate your images by 90, 180 and 270 degrees.